How to Hack Sentinel HASP HL Dongle

A lazy Saturday evening here and just smoked some excellent botanicals that Melinda Toth shipped over yesterday from Hungary. Check out my post about my affairs with the other hot uni staff if you did not already do so:

Am hanging out at the Exetools forum using the “chants” nickname. I am unable to sell much of the cracked software that I and Melinda worked on at the forum these days.

Users at the forum seem to have lost faith in me seeing that I was banned twice in the past month in the forum for selling cracked software. But I am indeed shameless.

Still… I wag my tail and continue to hang about in the forum regardless of the number of times that I get kicked out or spat upon.

Getting to the point… Today I want to share a leaked video that shows you how to bypass the Sentinel HASP Dongle. I want to thank Melinda Tóth for helping me create it.

Download it here:

If you want all the tools that are used in that video you can contact me and I will sell them to you very cheap. My contact details are available on my home page:

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