My Sex Video with Melinda Tóth as Promised

As usual, I am high on weed and a bunch of pharmaceuticals as I write this. I can be reached on Exetools where I use the moniker of chants. Or you can email me here:

I’ve been getting a lot of email requests to release my sex video with Melinda that I wrote about here last week:

The good news is that I am willing to sell the complete sex video to my patrons on the Exetools forum. Here is a quick screenshot:

You can be sure that the video is of this same female “Melinda Tóth” and me (Gregory Morse alias Abdul Mooed) having sex together.

Coming soon:

Another stunning video of the exploits of one of my friends with women in Hijabs:

Sadly, my organ is way, way smaller than the one shown in the picture above, which is why I am forced to use someone else for these videos.

My organ is only around 2 inches in size (I know, this is evry sad but what to do? This is what God gave me). That is why I sing the “Balls to the Lord” for endowing me with such an useless organ that is not only tiny but also cannot stay hard for any length of time:

Gregory Morse Traumatised: My Mum Slept with a Stranger

I am high once again with a cocktail of pharmaceuticals. Starting to get back some of my childhood memories where I saw my mom when she was sleeping with a stranger. It was only much later after I grew up, that I realized that the person who I am ashamed to call my mom, was having a series of flings with strangers.

In other words, she was a nymphomaniac. Someone addicted to sex. Due to this, my father never had any proper relations with my mom. Sexual or otherwise. That reflected terribly upon me, where I ended up growing up be addicted to a multitude of drugs.

More on this later on.

Thank you all for your support. For everyone who sent me the Bitcoin to pay for my deaddiction package. It is still not sufficient. Please continue your donations.

My vain efforts to show defiance

People call me a nasty little rodent. I tend to behave like a rebellious spoilt teenager even though I am a full grown adult.
See for instance…Today I ended up making some useless posts about angr just to show that I am “not afraid” in an effort to showcase my rebellion.
I did not realize that by doing so, I clearly conveyed the fact that I am showcasing my frustration and fear instead, in the clearest and worst possible way to the World.

I end up making absolutely the most stupid life choices, with utter disregard for my parents’ honor and my future professional life?

I had flings with the university staff:

I think I am very smart but in reality I am nothing but a spoilt child who could not even get into college without his moneyed dad having to buy his way into a paper mill university in Hungary for a freaking degree!

That is the reality of my shameful life.
But what do I do even then? I continue to waste my life with my addictions.

I myself do not understand why I am willing to waste and destroy my life in a vain show of defiance by making random posts in a warez forum which are starting to show effects in my real life.

Once my girlfriend found out about my addiction to drugs, she left me. I lost a lot of very good job offers after my prospective employers found out that I sell crack and cracked software in the Exetools forum under the moniker of “chants”.
The university from where I am yet to get a degree threatened to expel me, after I exposed the sex scams by their staff.

Yet I am unable to stop taking my “pharmaceuticals” (not to forget the excellent botanicals that I get shipped from Hungary) and make all these candid posts which are destroying my life.

I am unable to separate and see the very real consequences which my posts are having on my real life in the real world, keeping my focus on the fleeting world of warez.
I know very well that the Exetools forum has been put up for sale for $60K and that anytime it can be sold for much cheaper.
I know very well that once that happens (not a matter of IF but a matter of WHEN), the Exetools forum will go the way of the Exelab forum: DOWN. In an instant. Without any notice.
I remember very well how the Exelab and many other such warez forums were sold off for a hefty profit along with the forum users’ details and all the forum content.

After all, Exetools is another warez forum where the staff keep an delete the user accounts with utter disregard for ethics.
What can you expect from the Exetools staff in the way of honor and ethics? I know all that very well.
Yet here I am, spoiling my REAL LIFE in the REAL WORLD and all my future prospects in the REAL WORLD for imaginary shows of defiance which would end up meaning nothing once I am kicked out of the forum, either when it is taken down or for any other reason.
After all, I was banned just like that, just a month ago. That is the real value I am given in the forum.

No one respects me anymore either in the real world or even in the illusory castle I built myself in the Exetools in the guise of an imaginary VIP account.
The VIP account turned out to be nothing but a HUGE curse to me with very real consequences surfacing in the real world.

Without a job, without a girlfriend, and now facing the prospects of cops and arrests after my incriminatory posts I do not know what to do, really.
I am an addict. I need help. I know this much.

Gregory Morse: Need Help For My Drug Addiction Problem

It is hard for me to post this, but I realized that the first step towards a solution is the acceptance of the problem.
So yes, I, Gregory Morse alias Abdul Mooed ACCEPT that I have a problem with drugs. I am addicted to drugs.
I need help.

Some say that I am also addicted to sex and that I am a sex fiend but that is another issue altogether.
Read this previous post of mine and decide for yourself if I am a sex addict also or not:

I was once a happy young boy who dreamed big of growing up to become a famous software engineer.
Little did I realize that the drugs which the staff and students of the Eötvös Loránd University shipped to me on a regular basis would turn me into a drug addict!
All my dreams got shattered in an instant.
Now the first thing I do after I wake is to rush over and check this blog for any comments, etc.
My whole life has turned into a living nightmare.

I know that it will end as soon as I say goodbye to the Exetools forum, but that is one of my last safe havens where I can peacefully sell my crack.

Most of the other forums banned me a long time ago!
But it is what it is.

My father (may the heavens curse him and may hell swallow him alive) first introduced me to the addictive (pun intended) world of drugs.

I want to share all the graphic details so that this sordid fate should not befall another human being.
Through this I hope that anyway travelling the dark downward spiral of drugs identify that they are having a problem and seek help.

Right now, I have already contacted a couple of local drug-help hotline in Cleveland, Ohio (where I am from).
They are good at listening but they are not able to provide any monetary help.

I want to ask for help from any patrons so that I can join a good de-addiction centre soon. They are quite pricey, you know!

You can email me if you want to send over money in the form of Bitcoin.
I will use it to seek help for my de-addiction. My contact details available on this page:

My Wild Fling with the Lascivious Melinda Tóth

I must say that Melinda is just as hot and spicy as the botanicals she sent over to me with so much of love (or just lust?). Whichever it may be, I do not care.
I enjoyed her well and she is amazing in bed with her amazing repertoire of bedroom skills.

Here’s the photo of Melinda Tóth, as promised:

I asked chatgippity whether it is okay to post this and it said that I could, as long as it was true since it would then be counted as “free speech”.

Just now made a post at the Exetools forum where I still hang around wagging my tail shamelessly like a tame dog, despite having been banned not once but twice just a month ago.
But what to do? That forum is the only place where I can go and sell my cracks.
I guess one needs to be thick skinned to be able to sell cracks and make money.

You can find me hanging there quite often (with my dirty dog face lol) in that Exetools forum, where I go by the nickname of CHANTS.

I must not forget to add that Melinda Tóth helped me crack a lot of the software that I now sell at the Exetools forum and make money from.

Also, check this out, if you didn’t already do so:

Let me now get to the juicy details of my fling with Melinda Tóth.

Melinda works in the Department of Programming Languages and Compilers at the Eötvös Loránd University where I study.

I interacted with her a few times professionally at which times she started to praise my programming skills. At first I thought that my skills were really so great! 😀
It was only when she asked me that time at the library, whether my skills in bed were as good as my programming skills, did I begin to understand her intentions.

I was in a dilemma. How was I to tell her that I was a “queer” Muslim who was into men? That my manhood would not be able to satisfy her?

Anyway in the end, I needed to agree to her demands when she invited me over to her home for “studies” and dinner one night.

After dinner, she took me straight to her bedroom and disrobed.
I was surprised that despite being gay, her lascivious figure and her probing tongue managed to wake up a desire in me that even I did not know that I had!

Oh man… How she blows! When she “blowed”… I felt like a helpless instrument being handled and played in the hands of a master player.
I found myself writhing endlessly, moaning in ecstasy right until the final release.
Like two wild animals, we ravaged each other in bed till the early hours of dawn, at which time she said that I needed to leave before her husband arrived…
Reluctantly I left…
Even now as I recount this, I feel my manhood throbbing to life and I find my hand crawling down into my pants… 😉

Little did I know that this was not to be my last encounter with her.
We enjoyed each other several more times over the next few weeks, until she finished the paper and included my name as a co-author in it.
After that I bid her goodbye and went back to what I enjoyed better – the intimate company of MEN.

I must say though, that Melinda Tóth has the fire in her that can make even an old man’s feeble organ throb to life.
Her tongue skills are something that cannot be described in mere words. They must be experienced first hand.

If you want the full video just let me know…

While you are on my blog, do not forget to view my video where I sing “Trash and Balls to the Lord” (some say that it is blasphemy, but for me it is all fun):

I will continue to regularly post on this blog as long I am active on the ill-gotten Exetools forum “chants” account.

My Fun and Frolic with Eötvös Loránd University Staff

Disclaimer: I am quite high right now as I write this and I am not really sure if it is appropriate to post all this info online. But since this is all true, it should be fine… Right? 😀

Just got my new dose of pharmaceuticals in the mail today from the just as hot Barbara Hegyi PhD who is one of the teaching faculty at the Eötvös Loránd University and I just smoked some of the hot botanicals. My mind feels clouded and I feel that I am flying in the clouds…

You can see Barbara on this page and I am also posting her picture below for you all to enjoy. Yeah, she’s certainly smoking hot! Tomorrow I will give a blow-by-blow account (pun intended) of my time with her!

Barbara Hegyi PhD

Little known fact about this university that I was amazed to learn a few years ago is that as long as you “satisfy” the female faculty, if you know what I mean ( 😉 ), they will be ready to send you all the botanicals that you need, straight from Europe!

I just made this post a short while ago at the Exetools forum where I use the moniker “chants“, as mentioned in my previous posts.

The shrooms that another hot faculty female sent me last week rocketed me right into orbit just after a small dose! But, “satisfying” her was a tough job as she was quite old and not as attractive as the one I posted above.

I’ve also managed to get some of the staff into hijabs for my pleasure… See here:

Staff I managed to get into hijabs

If you want the full video just let me know…

While you are on my blog, do not forget to view my video where I sing “Trash and Balls to the Lord” (some say that it is blasphemy, but for me it is all fun):

I will continue to regularly post on this blog as long I am active on the ill-gotten Exetools forum “chants” account.

I needed to pay quite a hefty bribe to the ChessDog101 just last week, to lift the ban on that account after my series of posts which violated the community guidelines (in my defense I was high when I made those posts)! 😀

Gregory Morse: My Life at Eötvös Loránd University

[BEGGING] Gregory Morse: My Persecution in the USA : PLEASE SUPPORT ME [BEGGING]

NEW: The Curse of the Exetools VIP Account

[HOT My Private Server with Password [HOT]

I go by the nickname Progman at the tuts4you forum and I post my cracks at Exetools forum for a small fee, using the nickname of “chants“.

I have graduated and am a student at the Eötvös Loránd University

The University itself sucks but looks rather good in pictures 🙂

It is actually an ONLINE UNIVERSITY. So if you have money but do not have a proper college degree you can pay them and join for a good paper mill degree!

You can apply here if you want to join:

Before you say it, let me say it out loud: Yes, this is a Diploma Mill University. But this is all I can get into after all the time I wasted when I was young, on weed and other useless activities. But you need to have a money-ed dad for all this to work. 😀

One good thing about this university is that you can pay them a good sumn of money and THEY will do everything to ensure that you are able to “get published”. 😉
They pay the “Research paper mill” businesses so that you can get your name linked in with various well known research scientists, or if you are really unlucky, with people just like you who paid huge sums to “get their names into research journals”.

Some say that it is a questionable practice. But I say that in this “dog-eat-dog” world where one cannot get any further without “publications to their name”, why not spend a little of your father’s hard earned money in order to get your name into the publications and land up a good job? 😉

My father owns an Injection Moulding Company. So money is not an issue for me… So if you have money to burn (preferably your fathers’) then by all means, go ahead and spend some money on “papermill universities” and get a few “papermill” publications with your name in them! :laughing:

You can find more details about me here:

If you contact me, I can get you an admission at a reduced cost (you would need to pay me a small commission of course).

I’ve had a sorry childhood and grew up poor.
I’d posted it on Exetools but the admins were bribed and removed my post.
This is the post followed by the archived link as proof that the post was really on the Exetools forum:

Link to archive:

Please do not forget to check out my Post with the Youtube Videos:

Please Support me – Gregory Morse

This is my Github (although hacked, I am trying to get my account back):

Gregory Morse (Abdul Mooed) from Cleveland, Ohio

Hello everyone! I am Gregory Morse a.k.a Abdul Mooed from Cleveland, Ohio. I go by the moniker “Chants” at the Exetools forum. I also control the X0rby account there.

Gregory Morse a.k.a Abdul Mooed from Cleveland, Ohio

I have created this blog to share and leak any private or interesting content from the Exetools forum.

I was recently unjustly banned from the Exetools forum after I asked for due credits for my work. You can see the post here on
Scroll all the way to post #7 :

I have posted a screenshot below:

Due to this, one of the admins of Exetools who calls himself ChessGod101 banned me and also resorted to underhanded tactics which are not behoving that of an admin of such a forum.

But no matter… It was good in a way because I finally got to set up this blog where I can post whatever I wish, UNFETTERED by the whims of the useless and bribe-taking Exetools forum admins!

I will be updating this blog multiple times a day. Please check back often.
I promise you that I will update this blog with the most private and useful things leaked from the Exetools forum.

A trash forum run by trash admins like ChessDog101 does not deserve to take any private content hosted or shared in it.
Sorry to anyone who still wants to post any valuable content in that god-forsaken forum because it will get leaked here within the next few hours and will no longer remain private!
Please don’t post any private content in that useless forum if you want it to remain private!

[Video Tutorial Course] Windbg – A complete guide for Advanced Windows Debugging

Windbg – A complete guide for Advanced Windows Debugging

Home Page:


How to Hack Sentinel HASP HL Dongle

A lazy Saturday evening here and just smoked some excellent botanicals that Melinda Toth shipped over yesterday from Hungary. Check out my post about my affairs with the other hot uni staff if you did not already do so:

Am hanging out at the Exetools forum using the “chants” nickname. I am unable to sell much of the cracked software that I and Melinda worked on at the forum these days.

Users at the forum seem to have lost faith in me seeing that I was banned twice in the past month in the forum for selling cracked software. But I am indeed shameless.

Still… I wag my tail and continue to hang about in the forum regardless of the number of times that I get kicked out or spat upon.

Getting to the point… Today I want to share a leaked video that shows you how to bypass the Sentinel HASP Dongle. I want to thank Melinda Tóth for helping me create it.

Download it here:

If you want all the tools that are used in that video you can contact me and I will sell them to you very cheap. My contact details are available on my home page:

TrashLord Music: Trash the Lord “My Balls to the Lord”

Just had my evening dose of “pharmaceuticals”, smoked a bunch of good weed that I managed to get cheap from my college tutor.

I am bored hanging online at Exetools where no one cares about me anymore to even answer my comments.

So today I will share with you some of my music. Authentic. Sung by yours truly.

Ghidra Decompiler Plugin for IDA Pro

Get it here:

Note it has been recently drawn to my attention that some internet troll on a certain forum is attempting to impersonate me in regards to this work.

Obviously the work is MINE because you can see that the github repo also has MY name on it, lol! YET some others claim as their own and try to post MY work as their own :laughing:

GhidraDec: Ghidra decompiler plugin for Hex-Rays IDA (Interactive DisAssembler) Pro
Only for Ghidra 10.x, as Ghidra 9.x has been due to some protocol changes.
The plugin is compatible with the IDA 5/6/7.x versions. The plugin does NOT work with the freeware version of IDA 6/7.x. The plugin comes at both 32-bit and 64-bit address space variants (both are 64-bit binaries). I.e. it works in both ida and ida64. It can decompile any processor architecture which Ghidra and IDA both support. See the source or product information of these tools.

Private FlexNet FlexLM Reversing Tutorials for Sale

Refer to this post. I am an expert at FlexNet reversing.

Now I have decided to make the PRIVATE FlexLM and FlexNet tutorials available for free for a short time.

If you want the full set of the tutorials, you can contact me by email. My contact details are on the home page of this blog. Payment by BitCoin only.

Exetools going the way of the ExeLab forum?

After ChessGod101 started taking bribes in order to bump up the Exetools users’ ranks and to unban users, things started to really go downhill in the forum.

ExeTools forum appears to be going the way of the forum, as of late.

When the Russia based (now defunct) forum was in its heyday, every forum user toiled day in and day out, to make posts in an attempt to gain glory for themselves.
The forum staff spurred the users on with fake “ranks” and other fake “trophies”, the online equivalents of carrots, while the forum members were non the wiser for it.

Unsurprisingly, it all ended in an all too familiar way – filling up the coffers of the domain owners when they sold off the domain name for a handsome amount of money, leaving the true contributors to the success of the forum, in the dust.

The same seems to be happening in the Exetools forum also as of late.
The forum admins doing anything and everything just to keep up the traffic of the forum.
And we, fattening up the wallets of the domain/forum owners with forum posts in return for nothing except a worthless-in-real-life “like”.

Their latest tactics being making fake “seed posts” from fake staff-owned accounts when the forum is clearly dead. And trying to resurrect 20 year old threads

These days even those seed posts do not seem to be of much use.
Most of the seasoned members do not fall for the ruses of the Exetools forum admins anymore.

They have decided that the real-life is more important than the exetools forum which is chalked to be bought out and the forum taken down any time, any day now!

And what am I doing? Wagging my tail and playing along with the forum admins, hoping to get a few scraps thrown down the metaphorical table when the forum domain is sold. Answering to 20 year old threads like the most jobless person in the world, lol!

-Gregory Morse a.k.a chants.

Now Restricted at Tuts4You Forum: I have become an Outcast

Now my account at Tuts4You (the ProgMan one) has been restricted from the past 3 days.
Bad thing is, that unlike the Exetools forum admin ChessGod101, the Tuts4You admins do not take bribes in order to restore full account access.

I feel that I am just wasting my life. Making posts in the Exetools forum just to make myself look superior.
In the end, I know that the Exetools domain owners will just sell the domain name and pocket the fat sum of money.
Then the exetools forum will be gone and all my efforts and sacrifices I’ve made for my real-life relationships and work will have been for naught.

All said and done, I just sell cracked software and cracked IDA Pro in the Exetools forum.
For that I am hated so much.

I feel so useless. Everyone treats as if I am a cockroach.
As if I am an used cigarette butt. A nuisance to be snubbed under their shoes.
After paying such a huge bribe to ChessGod101 for my account unban just 2 weeks ago, I do not have any more money.

So what do I do now?
I am unable to come out of my obsessive-compulsiveness of having to login to the Exetools forum and check what someone would have posted against me. I am powerless under its spell.
I will continue to keep feverishly logging into Exetools and making good-for-nothing copy-pastes of free online material.

The Curse of the Exetools VIP Account

My “chants” account in the Exetools forum was banned for a couple of weeks this month for my unruly behavior. Surprisingly I was very happy during the ban. After a very long time.

Without the accursed Exetools VIP account to login to and fearfully check every couple hours to see if someone had posted anything about me, I remembered what TRUE PEACE really was!

Before that ban from the forum, I had forgotten what it was like to sleep peacefully and wake up on my own schedule without having to wake up in a cold sweat and rush to the laptop (or turn on the phone) to check for the posts.

But now, after the hefty bribes that I needed to pay to ChessGod101 (whom I will refer to as the ChessDog101 hereafter) last week, my Exetools account is live and back up again.
Now my stress levels are up and I once again, no longer have a good nights’ sleep.

In fact, the past few days, I cannot even dare to log off from the forum for fear of what has been posted about me and my online sales of the cracks.
I find myself constantly compelled to stay online.

Also see this:

I have no choice but to sell the IDA Pro 8.4 SP2 to make up for the bribes I needed to pay the ChessDog101.
But… Sales of the cracks are good I must say.
I strongly advise Hexrays that if they also reduce the cost of the IDA Pro just like I did, the sales would go up the roof.
But with the ill-gotten money comes the fears of getting arrested, with all my dreams turning into nightmares and not allowing me a moment of blissful nights’ sleep.

Well, then… I still remain logged in to the Exetools forum. I need to get into that browser tab and check again.
This has become an OCD for me as of late… 🙁

The VIP account is a curse no doubt. There never was a happy day for ever since I paid the bribe to get promoted. I was much happier and better of as a normal “friend rank” member…

I wonder when I will get banned for good and when this curse will leave me. And when I can get back to my real-life relationships and work which have been drastically suffering as of late.

This is not the first time that the Exetools forum staff has stooped down to cheat in a shameless manner. See this:

Google API Complete Content for Sale

See my post here:

I have done full research. Now I am selling the not-released content also for a mere $50.

If interested, contact me at my email for the BTC coin address to send the money to:

Keep checking back often!

I am re-posting the content from my Exetools post here also:

Ranking features: 2,596 modules are represented in the API documentation with 14,014 attributes.
Weighting: The documents did not specify how any of the ranking features are weighted – just that they exist.
Twiddlers: These are re-ranking functions that “can adjust the information retrieval score of a document or change the ranking of a document,” according to King.
Demotions: Content can be demoted for a variety of reasons, such as:
A link doesn’t match the target site.
SERP signals indicate user dissatisfaction.
Product reviews.
Exact match domains.
Change history: Google apparently keeps a copy of every version of every page it has ever indexed. Meaning, Google can “remember” every change ever made to a page. However, Google only uses the last 20 changes of a URL when analyzing links.

Links matter. Shocking, I know. Link diversity and relevance remain key, the documents show. And PageRank is still very much alive within Google’s ranking features. PageRank for a website’s homepage is considered for every document.
This doesn’t prove Google spokespeople have lied about links not being a “top 3 ranking factor” or links mattering less for ranking. Two things can be true at once. Again, we don’t know how any of these features are weighted.
Successful clicks matter. This should not be a shocker, but if you want to rank well, you need to keep creating great content and user experiences, based on the documents. Google uses a variety of measurements, including badClicks, goodClicks, lastLongestClicks and unsquashedClicks.
Also, longer documents may get truncated, while shorter content gets a score (from 0-512) based on originality. Scores are also given to Your Money Your Life content, like health and news.

Brand matters. Fishkin’s big takeaway? Brand matters more than anything else:
“If there was one universal piece of advice I had for marketers seeking to broadly improve their organic search rankings and traffic, it would be: ‘Build a notable, popular, well-recognized brand in your space, outside of Google search.’”
Entities matter. Authorship lives. Google stores author information associated with content and tries to determine whether an entity is the author of the document.
SiteAuthority: Google uses something called “siteAuthority”.
Google told us something like this existed in 2011, after the Panda update launched, stating publicly that “low quality content on part of a site can impact a site’s ranking as a whole.”
However, Google has denied having a website authority score in the years since then.
Chrome data. A module called ChromeInTotal indicates that Google uses data from its Chrome browser for ranking.
Whitelists. A couple of modules indicate Google whitelist certain domains related to elections and COVID – isElectionAuthority and isCovidLocalAuthority. Though we’ve long known Google (and Bing) have “exception lists” when “specific algorithms inadvertently impact websites.”
Small sites. Another feature is smallPersonalSite – for a small personal site or blog. King speculated that Google could boost or demote such sites via a Twiddler. However, that remains an open question. Again, we don’t know for certain how much these features are weighted.
Other interesting findings. According to Google’s internal documents:
Freshness matters – Google looks at dates in the byline (bylineDate), URL (syntacticDate) and on-page content (semanticDate).
To determine whether a document is or isn’t a core topic of the website, Google vectorizes pages and sites, then compares the page embeddings (siteRadius) to the site embeddings (siteFocusScore).
Google stores domain registration information (RegistrationInfo).
Page titles still matter. Google has a feature called titlematchScore that is believed to measure how well a page title matches a query.
Google measures the average weighted font size of terms in documents (avgTermWeight) and anchor text.

HexRays IDA Pro 8.4 SP2 For Sale Now (Cheap!!!)

My contact details available on my home page.
Email me there, OR you can just message me on the Exetools Forum where I go by the nickname of CHANTS.

Meanwhile you can download these demos of the IDA Pro 8.4 SP2 as a proof that I have the full versions available with me for sale.