Discussions about Exetools Forum on Tuts4You Forum (with Direct Links)

Like I’d mentioned earlier, I use the nickname “chants” on the Exetools forum and “Progman” on the Tuts4you forum.

TL;DR: Everyone has come to know by now that the Exetools Forum is now being run by Law Enforcement Agency staff (i.e “cops”) who now use it as a honeypot.
Don’t take my word for it. I have put together annotations from well known members who commented about this in other online forums. Read the posts and decide for yourself.

There have been a lot of discussions on the various online boards calling out the fake admins of the once-reputed Exetools forum. I will post a few screenshots with direct links to the posts where they discuss the exetools forum, in the still reputed Tuts4You forum:

Direct link to the post in tuts4you: https://forum.tuts4you.com/topic/43432-exetools/?do=findComment&comment=220723

Direct Link to the above post in Tuts4you: https://forum.tuts4you.com/topic/43432-exetools/?do=findComment&comment=211288

ChessGod101 continues his atrocities at Exetools Forum

So now, ChessGod101 has not only banned my account for speaking up and asking for JUSTICE but now, he has renamed the Gregory Morse and Abdul Mooed accounts in the forum as follows:

My username in the forum “Gregory Morse” is now renamed to “NON” and this user details: https://forum.exetools.com/member.php?u=38535

Abdul Mooed” is renamed to “Moe” and this user details: https://forum.exetools.com/member.php?u=38566

This is the proof:

Original Post on Exetools: https://forum.exetools.com/showpost.php?p=128487&postcount=435

Archive.org Copy for reference (if the admins delete the post): https://archive.is/3xdid

Gregory Morse: My Life at Eötvös Loránd University

[BEGGING] Gregory Morse: My Persecution in the USA : PLEASE SUPPORT ME [BEGGING]

NEW: The Curse of the Exetools VIP Account

[HOT My Private Server with Password [HOT]

I go by the nickname Progman at the tuts4you forum and I post my cracks at Exetools forum for a small fee, using the nickname of “chants“.

I have graduated and am a student at the Eötvös Loránd University

The University itself sucks but looks rather good in pictures 🙂

It is actually an ONLINE UNIVERSITY. So if you have money but do not have a proper college degree you can pay them and join for a good paper mill degree!

You can apply here if you want to join: https://apply.elte.hu/

Before you say it, let me say it out loud: Yes, this is a Diploma Mill University. But this is all I can get into after all the time I wasted when I was young, on weed and other useless activities. But you need to have a money-ed dad for all this to work. 😀

One good thing about this university is that you can pay them a good sumn of money and THEY will do everything to ensure that you are able to “get published”. 😉
They pay the “Research paper mill” businesses so that you can get your name linked in with various well known research scientists, or if you are really unlucky, with people just like you who paid huge sums to “get their names into research journals”.

Some say that it is a questionable practice. But I say that in this “dog-eat-dog” world where one cannot get any further without “publications to their name”, why not spend a little of your father’s hard earned money in order to get your name into the publications and land up a good job? 😉

My father owns an Injection Moulding Company. So money is not an issue for me… So if you have money to burn (preferably your fathers’) then by all means, go ahead and spend some money on “papermill universities” and get a few “papermill” publications with your name in them! :laughing:

You can find more details about me here: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=2owmPvIAAAAJ&hl=en

If you contact me, I can get you an admission at a reduced cost (you would need to pay me a small commission of course).

I’ve had a sorry childhood and grew up poor.
I’d posted it on Exetools but the admins were bribed and removed my post.
This is the post followed by the archived link as proof that the post was really on the Exetools forum:

Link to archive:


Please do not forget to check out my Post with the Youtube Videos:

Please Support me – Gregory Morse

This is my Github (although hacked, I am trying to get my account back):


[VIDEO COURSE] Windows Internals by Pavel Yosifovich







Revela Decompiler

This is an interest topic as we see more and more crypto currency with smart contracts and embedded custom languages. Even bitcoin contained a script language that is custom implemented as part of the blockchain protocol.

Decompile Aptos smart contract to recover Move source code

Here is the source code:

There’s also a JEB plug in called diem that should decompile Move bytecode:

Gregory Morse (Abdul Mooed) from Cleveland, Ohio

Hello everyone! I am Gregory Morse a.k.a Abdul Mooed from Cleveland, Ohio. I go by the moniker “Chants” at the Exetools forum. I also control the X0rby account there.

Gregory Morse a.k.a Abdul Mooed from Cleveland, Ohio

I have created this blog to share and leak any private or interesting content from the Exetools forum.

I was recently unjustly banned from the Exetools forum after I asked for due credits for my work. You can see the post here on archive.org.
Scroll all the way to post #7 : https://archive.is/Uu9pn

I have posted a screenshot below:

Due to this, one of the admins of Exetools who calls himself ChessGod101 banned me and also resorted to underhanded tactics which are not behoving that of an admin of such a forum.

But no matter… It was good in a way because I finally got to set up this blog where I can post whatever I wish, UNFETTERED by the whims of the useless and bribe-taking Exetools forum admins!

I will be updating this blog multiple times a day. Please check back often.
I promise you that I will update this blog with the most private and useful things leaked from the Exetools forum.

A trash forum run by trash admins like ChessDog101 does not deserve to take any private content hosted or shared in it.
Sorry to anyone who still wants to post any valuable content in that god-forsaken forum because it will get leaked here within the next few hours and will no longer remain private!
Please don’t post any private content in that useless forum if you want it to remain private!

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