The Curse of the Exetools VIP Account

My “chants” account in the Exetools forum was banned for a couple of weeks this month for my unruly behavior. Surprisingly I was very happy during the ban. After a very long time.

Without the accursed Exetools VIP account to login to and fearfully check every couple hours to see if someone had posted anything about me, I remembered what TRUE PEACE really was!

Before that ban from the forum, I had forgotten what it was like to sleep peacefully and wake up on my own schedule without having to wake up in a cold sweat and rush to the laptop (or turn on the phone) to check for the posts.

But now, after the hefty bribes that I needed to pay to ChessGod101 (whom I will refer to as the ChessDog101 hereafter) last week, my Exetools account is live and back up again.
Now my stress levels are up and I once again, no longer have a good nights’ sleep.

In fact, the past few days, I cannot even dare to log off from the forum for fear of what has been posted about me and my online sales of the cracks.
I find myself constantly compelled to stay online.

Also see this:

I have no choice but to sell the IDA Pro 8.4 SP2 to make up for the bribes I needed to pay the ChessDog101.
But… Sales of the cracks are good I must say.
I strongly advise Hexrays that if they also reduce the cost of the IDA Pro just like I did, the sales would go up the roof.
But with the ill-gotten money comes the fears of getting arrested, with all my dreams turning into nightmares and not allowing me a moment of blissful nights’ sleep.

Well, then… I still remain logged in to the Exetools forum. I need to get into that browser tab and check again.
This has become an OCD for me as of late… 🙁

The VIP account is a curse no doubt. There never was a happy day for ever since I paid the bribe to get promoted. I was much happier and better of as a normal “friend rank” member…

I wonder when I will get banned for good and when this curse will leave me. And when I can get back to my real-life relationships and work which have been drastically suffering as of late.

This is not the first time that the Exetools forum staff has stooped down to cheat in a shameless manner. See this:

3 Replies to “The Curse of the Exetools VIP Account”

  1. Exetools forum and the staff was always a sleazy place. How do you think I got MY rank? I needed to bribe too… 🙁

  2. Well, the ChessGod101 was always known for his cheap behavior. He was caught several times selling videos of young girls doing illegal online videos for him.

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