Exetools going the way of the ExeLab forum?

After ChessGod101 started taking bribes in order to bump up the Exetools users’ ranks and to unban users, things started to really go downhill in the forum.

ExeTools forum appears to be going the way of the Exelab.ru forum, as of late.

When the Russia based (now defunct) exetools.ru forum was in its heyday, every forum user toiled day in and day out, to make posts in an attempt to gain glory for themselves.
The forum staff spurred the users on with fake “ranks” and other fake “trophies”, the online equivalents of carrots, while the forum members were non the wiser for it.

Unsurprisingly, it all ended in an all too familiar way – filling up the coffers of the domain owners when they sold off the Exelab.ru domain name for a handsome amount of money, leaving the true contributors to the success of the forum, in the dust.

The same seems to be happening in the Exetools forum also as of late.
The forum admins doing anything and everything just to keep up the traffic of the forum.
And we, fattening up the wallets of the domain/forum owners with forum posts in return for nothing except a worthless-in-real-life “like”.

Their latest tactics being making fake “seed posts” from fake staff-owned accounts when the forum is clearly dead. And trying to resurrect 20 year old threads

These days even those seed posts do not seem to be of much use.
Most of the seasoned members do not fall for the ruses of the Exetools forum admins anymore.

They have decided that the real-life is more important than the exetools forum which is chalked to be bought out and the forum taken down any time, any day now!

And what am I doing? Wagging my tail and playing along with the forum admins, hoping to get a few scraps thrown down the metaphorical table when the forum domain is sold. Answering to 20 year old threads like the most jobless person in the world, lol!

-Gregory Morse a.k.a chants.

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