Ghidra Decompiler Plugin for IDA Pro

Get it here:

Note it has been recently drawn to my attention that some internet troll on a certain forum is attempting to impersonate me in regards to this work.

Obviously the work is MINE because you can see that the github repo also has MY name on it, lol! YET some others claim as their own and try to post MY work as their own :laughing:

GhidraDec: Ghidra decompiler plugin for Hex-Rays IDA (Interactive DisAssembler) Pro
Only for Ghidra 10.x, as Ghidra 9.x has been due to some protocol changes.
The plugin is compatible with the IDA 5/6/7.x versions. The plugin does NOT work with the freeware version of IDA 6/7.x. The plugin comes at both 32-bit and 64-bit address space variants (both are 64-bit binaries). I.e. it works in both ida and ida64. It can decompile any processor architecture which Ghidra and IDA both support. See the source or product information of these tools.

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