My Fun and Frolic with Eötvös Loránd University Staff

Disclaimer: I am quite high right now as I write this and I am not really sure if it is appropriate to post all this info online. But since this is all true, it should be fine… Right? 😀

Just got my new dose of pharmaceuticals in the mail today from the just as hot Barbara Hegyi PhD who is one of the teaching faculty at the Eötvös Loránd University and I just smoked some of the hot botanicals. My mind feels clouded and I feel that I am flying in the clouds…

You can see Barbara on this page and I am also posting her picture below for you all to enjoy. Yeah, she’s certainly smoking hot! Tomorrow I will give a blow-by-blow account (pun intended) of my time with her!

Barbara Hegyi PhD

Little known fact about this university that I was amazed to learn a few years ago is that as long as you “satisfy” the female faculty, if you know what I mean ( 😉 ), they will be ready to send you all the botanicals that you need, straight from Europe!

I just made this post a short while ago at the Exetools forum where I use the moniker “chants“, as mentioned in my previous posts.

The shrooms that another hot faculty female sent me last week rocketed me right into orbit just after a small dose! But, “satisfying” her was a tough job as she was quite old and not as attractive as the one I posted above.

I’ve also managed to get some of the staff into hijabs for my pleasure… See here:

Staff I managed to get into hijabs

If you want the full video just let me know…

While you are on my blog, do not forget to view my video where I sing “Trash and Balls to the Lord” (some say that it is blasphemy, but for me it is all fun):

I will continue to regularly post on this blog as long I am active on the ill-gotten Exetools forum “chants” account.

I needed to pay quite a hefty bribe to the ChessDog101 just last week, to lift the ban on that account after my series of posts which violated the community guidelines (in my defense I was high when I made those posts)! 😀

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