My Sex Video with Melinda Tóth as Promised

As usual, I am high on weed and a bunch of pharmaceuticals as I write this. I can be reached on Exetools where I use the moniker of chants. Or you can email me here:

I’ve been getting a lot of email requests to release my sex video with Melinda that I wrote about here last week:

The good news is that I am willing to sell the complete sex video to my patrons on the Exetools forum. Here is a quick screenshot:

You can be sure that the video is of this same female “Melinda Tóth” and me (Gregory Morse alias Abdul Mooed) having sex together.

Coming soon:

Another stunning video of the exploits of one of my friends with women in Hijabs:

Sadly, my organ is way, way smaller than the one shown in the picture above, which is why I am forced to use someone else for these videos.

My organ is only around 2 inches in size (I know, this is evry sad but what to do? This is what God gave me). That is why I sing the “Balls to the Lord” for endowing me with such an useless organ that is not only tiny but also cannot stay hard for any length of time:

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