Discussions about Exetools Forum on Tuts4You Forum (with Direct Links)

Like I’d mentioned earlier, I use the nickname “chants” on the Exetools forum and “Progman” on the Tuts4you forum.

TL;DR: Everyone has come to know by now that the Exetools Forum is now being run by Law Enforcement Agency staff (i.e “cops”) who now use it as a honeypot.
Don’t take my word for it. I have put together annotations from well known members who commented about this in other online forums. Read the posts and decide for yourself.

There have been a lot of discussions on the various online boards calling out the fake admins of the once-reputed Exetools forum. I will post a few screenshots with direct links to the posts where they discuss the exetools forum, in the still reputed Tuts4You forum:

Direct link to the post in tuts4you: https://forum.tuts4you.com/topic/43432-exetools/?do=findComment&comment=220723

Direct Link to the above post in Tuts4you: https://forum.tuts4you.com/topic/43432-exetools/?do=findComment&comment=211288

5 Replies to “Discussions about Exetools Forum on Tuts4You Forum (with Direct Links)”

  1. Fu*k Chessgod101!
    Fu*k Chants for destroying the whole forum!
    Exetools has been long dead after it was sold off to the LEA to be used as a honeypot. No sane user goes there anymore.

  2. See how “chants” links to a trojan rat here when someone asks for help. Is this how a VIP user should behave?

    Shame on the admins and Chessgod101 who took bribes to make the user “chants” a VIP user.
    Check this out if you don’t believe me: https://archive.is/erIjN

  3. I curse ChessGod101, Aaron and the other admins of the forum that they should die the most painful death possible, slowly bleeding to death drop by drop for the cheating they do to the members of the forum.

  4. I agree that ChessGod101 is a dirty dog. He is a cheap fellow who treats users of the forum according to how much they bribe him. No equality!
    For some for ask for external download links, they get a ban.
    Some get penalty.
    Some go scot free. If they paid him first. Dirty rascal ChessDog!

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