Gregory Morse (Abdul Mooed) from Cleveland, Ohio

Hello everyone! I am Gregory Morse a.k.a Abdul Mooed from Cleveland, Ohio. I go by the moniker “Chants” at the Exetools forum. I also control the X0rby account there.

Gregory Morse a.k.a Abdul Mooed from Cleveland, Ohio

I have created this blog to share and leak any private or interesting content from the Exetools forum.

I was recently unjustly banned from the Exetools forum after I asked for due credits for my work. You can see the post here on
Scroll all the way to post #7 :

I have posted a screenshot below:

Due to this, one of the admins of Exetools who calls himself ChessGod101 banned me and also resorted to underhanded tactics which are not behoving that of an admin of such a forum.

But no matter… It was good in a way because I finally got to set up this blog where I can post whatever I wish, UNFETTERED by the whims of the useless and bribe-taking Exetools forum admins!

I will be updating this blog multiple times a day. Please check back often.
I promise you that I will update this blog with the most private and useful things leaked from the Exetools forum.

A trash forum run by trash admins like ChessDog101 does not deserve to take any private content hosted or shared in it.
Sorry to anyone who still wants to post any valuable content in that god-forsaken forum because it will get leaked here within the next few hours and will no longer remain private!
Please don’t post any private content in that useless forum if you want it to remain private!

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  1. I am sorry. I made a big mistake banning you. You are welcome to come back to the forum.

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