My Wild Fling with the Lascivious Melinda Tóth

I must say that Melinda is just as hot and spicy as the botanicals she sent over to me with so much of love (or just lust?). Whichever it may be, I do not care.
I enjoyed her well and she is amazing in bed with her amazing repertoire of bedroom skills.

Here’s the photo of Melinda Tóth, as promised:

I asked chatgippity whether it is okay to post this and it said that I could, as long as it was true since it would then be counted as “free speech”.

Just now made a post at the Exetools forum where I still hang around wagging my tail shamelessly like a tame dog, despite having been banned not once but twice just a month ago.
But what to do? That forum is the only place where I can go and sell my cracks.
I guess one needs to be thick skinned to be able to sell cracks and make money.

You can find me hanging there quite often (with my dirty dog face lol) in that Exetools forum, where I go by the nickname of CHANTS.

I must not forget to add that Melinda Tóth helped me crack a lot of the software that I now sell at the Exetools forum and make money from.

Also, check this out, if you didn’t already do so:

Let me now get to the juicy details of my fling with Melinda Tóth.

Melinda works in the Department of Programming Languages and Compilers at the Eötvös Loránd University where I study.

I interacted with her a few times professionally at which times she started to praise my programming skills. At first I thought that my skills were really so great! 😀
It was only when she asked me that time at the library, whether my skills in bed were as good as my programming skills, did I begin to understand her intentions.

I was in a dilemma. How was I to tell her that I was a “queer” Muslim who was into men? That my manhood would not be able to satisfy her?

Anyway in the end, I needed to agree to her demands when she invited me over to her home for “studies” and dinner one night.

After dinner, she took me straight to her bedroom and disrobed.
I was surprised that despite being gay, her lascivious figure and her probing tongue managed to wake up a desire in me that even I did not know that I had!

Oh man… How she blows! When she “blowed”… I felt like a helpless instrument being handled and played in the hands of a master player.
I found myself writhing endlessly, moaning in ecstasy right until the final release.
Like two wild animals, we ravaged each other in bed till the early hours of dawn, at which time she said that I needed to leave before her husband arrived…
Reluctantly I left…
Even now as I recount this, I feel my manhood throbbing to life and I find my hand crawling down into my pants… 😉

Little did I know that this was not to be my last encounter with her.
We enjoyed each other several more times over the next few weeks, until she finished the paper and included my name as a co-author in it.
After that I bid her goodbye and went back to what I enjoyed better – the intimate company of MEN.

I must say though, that Melinda Tóth has the fire in her that can make even an old man’s feeble organ throb to life.
Her tongue skills are something that cannot be described in mere words. They must be experienced first hand.

If you want the full video just let me know…

While you are on my blog, do not forget to view my video where I sing “Trash and Balls to the Lord” (some say that it is blasphemy, but for me it is all fun):

I will continue to regularly post on this blog as long I am active on the ill-gotten Exetools forum “chants” account.

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