Gregory Morse: Need Help For My Drug Addiction Problem

It is hard for me to post this, but I realized that the first step towards a solution is the acceptance of the problem.
So yes, I, Gregory Morse alias Abdul Mooed ACCEPT that I have a problem with drugs. I am addicted to drugs.
I need help.

Some say that I am also addicted to sex and that I am a sex fiend but that is another issue altogether.
Read this previous post of mine and decide for yourself if I am a sex addict also or not:

I was once a happy young boy who dreamed big of growing up to become a famous software engineer.
Little did I realize that the drugs which the staff and students of the Eötvös Loránd University shipped to me on a regular basis would turn me into a drug addict!
All my dreams got shattered in an instant.
Now the first thing I do after I wake is to rush over and check this blog for any comments, etc.
My whole life has turned into a living nightmare.

I know that it will end as soon as I say goodbye to the Exetools forum, but that is one of my last safe havens where I can peacefully sell my crack.

Most of the other forums banned me a long time ago!
But it is what it is.

My father (may the heavens curse him and may hell swallow him alive) first introduced me to the addictive (pun intended) world of drugs.

I want to share all the graphic details so that this sordid fate should not befall another human being.
Through this I hope that anyway travelling the dark downward spiral of drugs identify that they are having a problem and seek help.

Right now, I have already contacted a couple of local drug-help hotline in Cleveland, Ohio (where I am from).
They are good at listening but they are not able to provide any monetary help.

I want to ask for help from any patrons so that I can join a good de-addiction centre soon. They are quite pricey, you know!

You can email me if you want to send over money in the form of Bitcoin.
I will use it to seek help for my de-addiction. My contact details available on this page:

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